Monday, 19 May 2008

Yet another blog about motorcycling??

That's the question I kept on asking myself before opening this blog. I have been blogging for around 10 months, now, in Italian, my native language, about a bit of everything, but especially about two topics: my experiences in riding my motorbikes and politics. And then I realized that most of the information I was posting in Italian on my other blog could actually be of interest to many motorcyclists who are non-Italian speakers...and that's why I am here.

I have the privilege of owning two motorcycles and of riding them in very different settings: I own a Suzuki V-Strom 650, which I bought in April 2007 new, and which I keep in Tuscany, in a small village near Pisa where my parents still leave. I go there every second weekend during the summer, and at least once a month during the other months. I tend to ride the V-strom for pure pleasure, on the hills of my region or for longer summer trips around Italy.

And then I own an Aprilia Mana, the automatic naked bike which was launched in Italy in November 2007. I have had the Mana just for ten days now, and I keep it in Brussels, in Belgium, where I live. I use it essentially as a city bike, to go to work every morning, but I plan to use it for longer weekend trips around France, Belgium and the Netherlands...

Before the Mana and the V-Strom I had many other two-wheelers, but let's not dwell in the past...for now!

In this blog, as the title suggests, I will be posting about my trips with the two bikes, itineraries, scenic roads I know, and about the experience in riding the Mana...I also intend to post the translations of a few posts that I have written for my other blog, about motorcycle products and things like that. So let's go.

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Kevin said...

Thanks for posting all the Mana pictures and reviews as I am considering one!