Wednesday, 25 June 2008

How does the Mana handle with the top case Shad SH50?

After having sent me some great shots of his Mana with the top case Shad SH50 installed, JB also sent me the following comments about how the bike feels and handles with the topc case.

Thank you JB!


Hi all,

Here are some first comments about the setup Mana and SH 50 top case.

The Aprilia rack is just a piece of cake to mount is just five minutes. The existing passenger handle has to be removed but the rack has two lateral ones which are finally more comfortable for the passenger. (We are talking about comfort when many other bikes would just be lucky to feature something to hook up the back meat).The SH50 mounting is pretty easy but requires some new holes to fit into the existing ones of the Aprilia rack. The choice for this top case was based on size, price and aestheticism as the color really match the bike's. The case is also available in red, blue, black, etc. Check for more information. Personally this is the best and most beautiful case I have found on the market even if Givi has great products too.

Again Shad say they would make a baggage rack available for the case but “ a couple of month” is too long anyway for me as I need to use the bike to go to work when I am at the office which happens two or three times a week. The case has then to accommodate my soft business bag including a laptop, all being worth about 8 kilos.

The first time I ride the bike with the case, I thought it was too much disturbing. But a strong wind was blowing this day and finally the most sensitive effect was with lateral wind. The overweight is not a problem and it is the same as if you would have a very light passenger on the back seat. The same day I went for a famous ride around the hills. The road goes from 300m to 800 m of altitude over 10 km. Its is a pretty fast one with long curves that you take between 120 and 140 km/h. The case was empty this time. I did not pay attention to it as it had absolutely no effect on the bike. What was concerning me was the tuning of the rear shock absorber that I think could be harder to accommodate fast curve speeds. It was great fun anyway !

All in all the only thing I have noticed with this setup is some noise coming from vibrations at null speed. This problem can easily be solved with one additional screw at the top rear of the case and the plate. My son and my daughter have volunteered to test the bike as passengers and they both said it's just like in our sofa !

Have great rides.


Thank you JB. I think what is particularly interesting is the increased comfort of the passenger, who now has two handles for increased stability and a place to rest his back...

I am not surprised about the wind effect, as this would occur with every bike with a top case...

I might have to buy one myself in the end...we'll see!


Charlie6 said...


FWIW, I love the E460 Givi Topcase on my 1150RT beemer, I use it to stash my helmet and/or my tankbag when runnning errands and such.

Re wind effects, they are there but since the RT has the wind surface of an old fashioned clipper ship, a bit more is not bad. : )

Redleg's Rides

Demonio Pellegrino said...

thank you Charlie...I have the givi V46 on my V-strom and I do like it. But on a naked bike like the mana I am not sure it would look as good...

moi said...

Hi Demonio
I'm sure You have now meet the rain on your road...What do You think about the brakes of the Mana in these conditions??
(december is definitely too far! Will I crack for the version without ABS?

moi said...

Hello Demonio
A long time You didn't give news anymore ;-)

I would like to ask You if you have fitted an Aprilia screen on your Mana, because I've ordered mine Mana, and the vendor told me that the screen is difficult to fit on the bike. As I want to mount and dismount it regularly, I search to know how difficult it is...
Thank You

Anonymous said...

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